How To Do Gluten Free Baking?

Gluten is one of the main proteins in starchy foods such as wheat, barley and rye. People who have some kind of disorder related to gluten consumption choose to have a gluten free diet so that their symptoms are not aggravated and they can lead a stable and healthy life. Celiac disease is an autoimmune disorder in which the immune system reacts to the gluten and affects the small intestine lead to abnormal absorption of nutrients.

Similarly, wheat allergies also occur in which your immune system considers gluten as a threat or a virus in the body and acts against it leading to shortness or breath and appearance of rashes. These days our digestive systems have to deal with so many unnatural systems which puts unnecessary stress on the system designed to break down natural foods. The process of digestion begins in the mouth where the enzymes in the saliva starts breaking down the food and we should be careful to chew our food instead of gulping it down like we usually do. Wheat and other grains are a very important parts of our diets whether we are consuming bread or vegan cakes Melbourne or even cereals in breakfast and other products such as certain drinks may also contain gluten derived from these drinks. So, it is of utmost importance that you always check the label if you are allergic to gluten so that you don’t trigger any reaction.

When faces with the task of omitting gluten from their diet, many people find themselves stuck in a situation where they may be craving certain foods such as cakes, cookies and different sweet breads. But the good news is that nowadays many substitutes for the ingredients in these things have been developed that are gluten free as well as gluten free cakes Sydney in general.  For people that are attempting to make cakes at home, some of the grains that don’t have gluten are rice, oats, corn and mullet. Flour made from lentils, chickpeas and nuts and seeds can also be used as an alternative and will have the added benefit of giving a nutty flavor to the gluten free cake that you may bake. Gluten is used because of its ability to bind things during baking as it has a sticky nature. With gluten free flours you can compensate this action by using eggs or for vegans ground flax seeds mixed with water can be used. The quantities will also have to be changes and the same recipe that you used before cannot be used with the gluten free substitutes. You should experiment a few times and are bound to get varied results till you find the perfect recipe blend that works for you.

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